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PDFWAC 260-48-490


(1) "Common pool wagering." The inclusion of wagers placed at guest association locations and secondary parimutuel organizations (SPMO) into a common parimutuel pool for the purpose of display of wagering information and calculation of payoffs on winning wagers.
(2) "Guest association." An association approved to offer simulcast races and parimutuel wagering on races conducted at other racetracks.
(3) "Host association." An association where live racing and parimutuel wagering are conducted and on which parimutuel wagering is conducted by guest associations or satellite locations.
(4) "Parimutuel system." The hardware, software and communications equipment used to record wagers, calculate payouts for winning wagers, and transmit wagering transactions and parimutuel pool data for display to patrons and to communicate with other parimutuel systems linked to facilitate common pool wagering.
(5) "Parimutuel wagering." A form of wagering on the outcome of a horse race in which all wagers are pooled and held by a parimutuel pool host for distribution of the total amount, less the deductions authorized by law, to holders of tickets on the winning contestants.
(6) "Parimutuel voucher." A record of a parimutuel wager in either paper or electronic form.
(7) "Secondary parimutuel organization (SPMO)." An entity other than a licensed association that offers and accepts parimutuel wagers. This may include a satellite location (off-track wagering) or an advance deposit wagering service provider.
(8) "Self-service device." A computerized wagering device that allows the patron, only while on the grounds of a licensed Class 1 racing association, to wager by use of portable electronic device. The self-service device allows the patron to place wagers only. The patron must contact a mutuel clerk to cash in any winnings.
(9) "Self-service terminal." A computerized wagering device that allows the patron to wager by use of a touch activated screen using account cards, vouchers, winning tickets and cash.
(10) "Simulcast." Live video and audio transmission of a race and parimutuel information for the purpose of parimutuel wagering at locations other than a host association.
(11) "Stored value instrument." A self-service device or self-service terminal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020. WSR 14-05-051, § 260-48-490, filed 2/14/14, effective 3/17/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 08-17-049, § 260-48-490, filed 8/14/08, effective 9/14/08.]
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