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PDFWAC 260-36-200

Application for owner's license by trainer or other licensee.

(1) A trainer, or other licensee approved by the stewards, may submit an application for an owner's license on behalf of an owner. Upon submitting such application, the licensee must pay all license fees and required labor and industries premiums.
(2) Within fourteen days of the licensee's submission of a license application on behalf of an owner, the owner must complete the license application process by providing fingerprints, a photograph, and any other information required by the commission. If the owner fails to complete the application process within fourteen days, the board of stewards may suspend the owner's license and/or assess a fine to the licensee found responsible.
(3) No horse may start in a race if the horse is owned in whole or in part by an owner who has failed to complete the owner's application.
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