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PDFWAC 260-36-010

License required.

(1) Any person acting in an official capacity or any person participating directly in horse racing must have a valid license, except as provided in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) The following persons are not required to have a license:
(a) Commissioners and employees of the commission;
(b) Persons employed by a racing association who only perform duties of concessions, housekeeping, parking, food and beverage, landscaping or similar functions, and do not act in an official capacity or participate directly in horse racing;
(c) Persons employed by an out-of-state racing association and holding a valid license from a recognized racing jurisdiction, who work for a Class A or B racing association as parimutuel clerks for a period not to exceed eight days total in any calendar year;
(d) Federal, state, or local governmental agency employees, and public service employees with need to access the grounds in the performance of their duties. Nonuniformed employees will be required to provide proper identification; and
(e) Individuals participating in functions or events on the grounds of a nonprofit meet that is also a multi-use facility will have access to the grounds while the event is taking place.
(3) Decisions regarding who is required to be licensed, if not addressed in this chapter, will be made by the executive secretary. It is a violation of these rules for any person to act in an official capacity or participate directly in horse racing unless licensed by the commission.
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