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PDFWAC 260-32-370

Apprentice jockeys.

(1) An applicant for an apprentice jockey license may be prohibited from riding until the stewards or the commission has sufficient opportunity (not to exceed 14 days) to verify the applicant's previous riding experience.
(2) An apprentice jockey may be granted an apprentice certificate by the board of stewards. The apprentice certificate will grant an apprentice all the allowances and conditions stated in these rules.
(3) An apprentice jockey that has ridden less than five winners may not accept mounts on two year olds and first time starters, without prior approval of the board of stewards.
(4) The conditions of an apprentice jockey license do not apply to quarter horse or mixed breed racing. A jockey's performances in quarter horse or mixed breed racing do not apply to the conditions of an apprentice jockey.
(5) An applicant with an approved apprentice certificate from another jurisdiction may be licensed as an apprentice jockey.
(6) An apprentice certificate may be obtained from the stewards on a form provided by the commission. A person may not receive more than one apprentice certificate. In case of emergencies, a copy of the original may be obtained from the commission where it was issued.
(7) The apprentice jockey will be responsible to have his/her apprentice certificate with them at all times. Prior to riding, the apprentice certificate will be submitted to the clerk of scales at each racing association in which the apprentice is licensed and riding.
(8) The apprentice jockey must keep an accurate updated record of his/her first forty winners, to be recorded on the certificate by the clerk of scales.
(9) An apprentice jockey may claim a five-pound allowance beginning with his/her first mount and for one full year from the date of his/her fifth winning mount. If after riding one year from the date of his/her fifth winning mount, the apprentice jockey has failed to ride a total of forty winners he/she may continue to ride with a five-pound weight allowance for one additional year from the date of his/her fifth winner or until he/she has ridden forty winners, whichever comes first.
(a) Apprentice allowances may be waived at the time of entry by the owner, trainer, or authorized agent.
(b) Apprentice allowances may not be claimed in stakes and handicap races.
(10) The commission may extend the period in which an apprentice jockey is allowed a weight allowance when, at the discretion of the commission, an apprentice jockey is unable to continue riding due to:
(a) Physical disablement or illness;
(b) Military service;
(c) Attendance in an institution of secondary or higher education;
(d) Restriction on racing;
(e) Other valid reasons.
(11) In order to qualify for an extension, an apprentice jockey must have been rendered unable to ride for a period of not less than seven consecutive days during the period in which the apprentice was entitled to an apprentice weight allowance.
(12) The commission currently licensing the apprentice jockey will have the authority to grant an extension to an eligible applicant, but only after the apprentice has produced documentation, verifying time lost as defined by this regulation.
(13) An apprentice may petition the jurisdictions in which he or she is licensed and riding for an extension of the time for claiming apprentice weight allowances granted by the commission, and the apprentice will be bound by the decision of the jurisdiction so petitioned.
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