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PDFWAC 260-16-050

Certification of Washington-bred horses.

(1) For purposes of the distribution of the owner's bonus and breeder's awards, a Washington-bred horse is one that meets the following requirements:
(a) The horse was foaled within the boundaries of the state of Washington; and
(b) The horse is certified as Washington-bred for its breed or issued a certificate of foal registration by the respective organization listed in subsection (2) of this section.
(2) The following associations are recognized by the commission for the purpose of certification of their respective breed as Washington-bred horses:
(a) The Jockey Club for thoroughbreds;
(b) The American Quarter Horse Association, for quarter horses;
(c) The Appaloosa Horse Club, for appaloosas;
(d) The Arabian Horse Association, for Arabian horses; and
(e) The American Paint Horse Association, for paint horses.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020 and 67.16.040. WSR 07-13-052, § 260-16-050, filed 6/15/07, effective 7/16/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.16.020, 67.16.040 and 67.16.075. WSR 86-21-081 (Resolution No. 86-04), § 260-16-050, filed 10/16/86.]
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