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PDFWAC 254-20-070

Responsibilities of local review boards.

(1) Following receipt of an application for special valuation from the county assessor, the local review board shall, consistent with locally adopted rules of procedure, determine if the property meets the following criteria:
(a) The property is historic property;
(b) The property is included within a class of historic property determined eligible for special valuation by the local legislative authority under an ordinance or administrative rule;
(c) The property has been rehabilitated at a cost which meets the definition set forth in RCW 84.26.020(2) within twenty-four months prior to the date of application; and
(d) The property has not been altered in any way which adversely affects those elements which qualify it as historically significant.
(2) If the local review board finds that the property satisfies all four of the above requirements, then it shall, on behalf of the local jurisdiction, enter into an agreement with the owner which, at a minimum, includes the provisions set forth in WAC 254-20-120. Upon execution of said agreement between the owner and the local review board, the local review board shall approve the application.
(3) If the local review board determines that the property does not meet all of the requirements for special valuation, then it shall deny the application.
(4) An application for special valuation shall be approved or denied by the local review board before December 31 of the calendar year in which the application is made. The local review board shall certify its decision in writing and state the facts upon which the approval or denial is based. The local review board shall file a copy of the certification with the county assessor within ten days of issuing a decision.
(5) If the application is approved, the local review board shall forward a copy of the agreement, the application, and supporting documentation as required by WAC 254-20-090(4) to the county assessor for recording and shall notify the state review board that the property has been approved for special valuation.
(6) Once an application for special valuation has been approved, the local review board shall determine, according to its bylaws and rules of procedure, whether or not the property has become disqualified, either because of the owner's failure to comply with the terms of the agreement, or because of a loss of historic value resulting from physical changes to the building or site. In the event that a local review board concludes that a property is no longer qualified for special valuation, it shall notify the owner, the county assessor, and the state review board in writing and state the facts supporting its findings.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 84.26.120. WSR 86-21-103 (Order 86-11), ยง 254-20-070, filed 10/20/86.]
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