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PDFWAC 250-76-020

Program definitions.

(1) "Institution of higher education" or "institution" shall mean any public university, college, community college, or technical college operated by the state of Washington or any political subdivision thereof, or any other university, college, school, or institute in the state of Washington offering instruction beyond the high school level which is a member institution of the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, providing such institution agrees to participate in the program in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations. Any institution, branch, extension or facility operating within the state of Washington which is affiliated with an institution operating in another state must be a separately accredited member institution of the above named accrediting association.
(2) "Board" means the higher education coordinating board. When a duty or responsibility of the board is referenced in these regulations, the authority needed to discharge that responsibility lies with the executive director or his or her designee.
(3) "Eligible student" or "student" means an American Indian student who meets the eligibility criteria as defined in WAC 250-76-030(1).
(4) "Full-time undergraduate student" is defined as a student who is enrolled for twelve quarter credits or the equivalent.
(5) "Full-time graduate student" is defined as one who is enrolled in at least the minimum credit course load required by the institution for disbursing financial aid to full-time graduate students.
(6) "Private cash donation," "private donation," or "donation" means moneys from nonstate sources that include, but are not limited to, federal moneys, tribal moneys, and assessments by commodity commissions authorized to conduct research activities, including but not limited to, research studies authorized under RCW 15.66.030 and 15.65.040.
(7) "Conditional gift" means a private cash donation received as a gift and subject to conditions by the contributor.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.108.060, 28B.108.020, 28B.108.050, 28B.108.070, and 2009 c 259 (SSB 5001). WSR 09-23-040, § 250-76-020, filed 11/9/09, effective 12/10/09. Statutory Authority: Chapters 28B.80 and 28B.108 RCW. WSR 93-19-025, § 250-76-020, filed 9/3/93, effective 10/4/93. Statutory Authority: Chapter 28.108 [28B.108] RCW. WSR 92-04-018, § 250-76-020, filed 1/27/92, effective 2/27/92.]
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