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PDFWAC 250-70-060

Recipient selection and award.

In selecting grant recipients, the board will give priority to those students who, but for this grant, evidence that they could not pursue a baccalaureate degree.
(1) Determination. The higher education coordinating board shall determine student eligibility and awards under this program. The board will convene as necessary an advisory committee to work with the board on matters of program policy and administration including, but not limited to: Award screening, selection criteria, administrative procedures, program publicity, and efforts to recruit placebound students.
(2) Standards. Assuming program eligibility criteria are met, the following additional selection criteria, among others, may be employed in ranking candidates and awarding grants:
(a) Evidence that, but for this grant, a placebound student could not pursue baccalaureate study at an eligible institution of the student's choice;
(b) Evidence of financial hardship or significant educational debt; and
(c) Information describing the student's educational goals and plans.
A student may ultimately choose an eligible institution different from that referenced in his or her application, provided the board and the receiving eligible institution can verify student eligibility criteria such as placebound status, certification of enrollment in an eligible academic program, documented financial need and satisfactory academic progress status. To deliver an incentive for recipients, the institution agrees to package the grant as "self-help."
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.240 and .370 [28B.80.240 and 28B.80.370] and 28B.101.030. WSR 03-20-047, § 250-70-060, filed 9/25/03, effective 10/26/03. Statutory Authority: 1990 c 288. WSR 90-16-023, § 250-70-060, filed 7/20/90, effective 8/20/90.]
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