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PDFWAC 250-61-180

Application review procedures.

(1) Staff analysis. Following receipt of a fully completed application, council staff shall review and analyze the material submitted.
(2) Additional documentation and site visit. If council staff determines it is necessary to verify or supplement the information provided in the application, the staff may require additional written documentation and/or arrange for a site visit. The expense for any site visits shall be paid by the institution applying for authorization.
(3) External consultants. At the discretion of the council, the expertise of other higher education experts may be used to assist in the evaluation of the documentation submitted. The cost for the services of the evaluation expert(s) shall be paid by the institution applying for authorization. The fee for such services is five hundred dollars per program per consultant, to be submitted by the institution upon request by the council during the review process. The check is to be made payable to the Washington student achievement council.
(4) Comment period. Upon completion of a preliminary review, the council shall post a notification of the request for authorization on its website for a set period of time. Any persons having knowledge as to why the institution or its program(s) may not meet the requirements for degree authorization may provide comment to the council on the proposal.
(5) Staff recommendations. After the final review has been completed, council staff shall summarize its findings and develop a recommendation to the executive director regarding the application. This recommendation will take one of the following forms:
(a) That the institution be granted authorization, subject to biennial reporting and maintenance of the conditions under which authorization has been granted.
(b) That the institution be granted conditional authorization, subject to additional conditions as established by the council, and maintenance of the conditions under which authorization has been granted.
(c) That the institution be denied authorization.
(6) Notification. Following the council's decision to authorize or deny the institution's request, a letter signifying the action shall be sent from the council to the chief administrative officer of the institution.
(a) The letter of authorization will serve as official authorization for the institution to operate in Washington for the specific programs and locations designated in the letter.
(b) An institution denied authorization shall be provided with an explanation as to how the institution and/or its programs failed to meet the criteria for authorization.
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