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PDFWAC 250-61-110

Student services and instructional resources requirements.

(1) Student services. The institution shall provide reasonable and appropriate services for students in addition to formal instruction. These services shall normally include admissions, advising and guidance, financial assistance, student records, and disability accommodation.
(a) Advising and guidance services shall be readily available to students to assist them in program planning, course selection, and other academic activities.
(b) Student records shall be maintained in accordance with the guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Education.
(c) Students with disabilities shall have access to, and reasonable accommodations in, all programs for which they are qualified consistent with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
(d) Placement services and employment opportunities, if provided, shall be accurately described.
(e) The institution's policies and practices are fair, reflect sound and ethical practices, and encourage student retention and success.
(2) Financial aid.
(a) Financial aid administration and distribution, if provided, shall be performed according to institutional, state, and federal policies.
(b) The institution shall not market, sell, or induce students to obtain loan products that financially benefit any owner or agent of the institution, unless it demonstrates that the student has exhausted all federal aid options and has been denied private commercial loan products. This rule shall apply to any institution with one hundred fifty or more students enrolled in the state in any given year or that has been operating in the state for less than two consecutive years.
(c) The institution shall disclose to the council, upon request, all information relating to loan products that are marketed, sold, or otherwise provided to any current or prospective student, as well as all communications with students regarding such loan products.
(3) Facilities for site-based instruction.
(a) The institution shall have adequate space, facilities and equipment, instructional materials, and staff to support quality education and services.
(b) The institution shall comply with all applicable ordinances, laws, codes, and regulations concerning the safety, health, and access of all persons on its premises.
(c) The council may conduct a site visit at any time. The fee for a site visit shall be five hundred dollars, payable to the Washington student achievement council.
(4) Disability accommodations. The institution shall provide reasonable accommodations for students and employees with disabilities. To the extent practicable, the institution must consider diagnosis, assessments, and accommodation plans received from prior secondary and postsecondary educational institutions or employers. The institution shall inform students and employees of local, state, and federal laws regarding discrimination against people with disabilities.
(5) Library. The institution shall provide adequate and accessible library resources and facilities to support the educational needs of students and faculty. If the institution, educational site, or academic center does not maintain its own library on site, it must demonstrate that it can provide sufficient library resources to meet the needs of the program(s) through a written agreement with another institution or organization, or through other mechanisms.
(6) Financial resources.
(a) The institution shall have adequate financial resources necessary to sustain its purpose and commitment to students.
(b) In the case of an institution seeking initial authorization, it shall have sufficient financial resources to sustain itself for one full academic year without the assistance of revenue from tuition and fees.
(7) Financial records.
(a) The institution shall maintain financial records in conformity to generally accepted accounting principles.
(b) The institution shall be audited annually by an independent certified public accountant according to generally accepted auditing standards.
(c) Such records shall be made available to the council upon request.
(8) Transcripts and academic credentials. The institution shall provide accurate and appropriate transcripts of credit for enrolled students and diplomas for graduates.
(a) For each student, the institution shall maintain and make available a transcript that specifies the name of the institution, the name of the student, all courses completed and academic credentials awarded, and an explanation of the institution's evaluation system. Each course entry shall include a title, the number of credits awarded, and a grade or written evaluation. The transcript shall distinguish credits awarded by transfer, for prior learning experience, and credit by examination.
(b) The institution shall not be required to make copies of transcripts available unless all tuition and fees and other expenses owed by the student to the institution have been paid.
(c) In addition to transcripts, the institution shall maintain records to document the performance and progress of each student, including, but not limited to: Financial transactions, admissions records, and records of interruption for unsatisfactory progress or conduct. Transcripts shall be kept permanently after a student has discontinued enrollment. All other records and accounts shall be kept for a minimum of six years after a student has discontinued enrollment.
(d) The institution shall maintain physical or electronic copies of all transcripts at a secure off-site facility.
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