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PDFWAC 250-40-060

Institutional application and allotment procedures.

(1) Application. Institutions shall annually apply for and document campus need for student employment funds.
(2) Institutional reserve of funds. The board shall annually develop a reserve of funds for the body of students at each eligible participating institution. Institutions will be notified of funds available for their students by May 1 of the year prior to the academic year in which awards will be given, or within a reasonable period after the legislative appropriation becomes known, whichever is later. The following steps shall govern the determination and allotment of institutional reserves:
(a) A base funding level, or conditional guarantee, shall be adopted for each institution currently participating in the program. The initial allotment of funds to any one institution shall equal its conditional guarantee. The conditional guarantee will equal the amount of funds initially reserved to the institution for the 1992-93 fiscal year.
(b) Eligible institutions currently not participating in the program shall be continually encouraged to enter the program, and will be funded at a reasonable level.
(c) Each institution shall share proportionally in the event of budget reductions.
(d) Institutions displaying a pattern of fund underutilization shall have their allocations reevaluated and reduced if appropriate.
(e) Funding increases shall be distributed on an objective basis among institutions in a manner which, when combined with federal work-study allocations, furthers a parity of work opportunity among students statewide.
(f) No institution will be awarded funds which, in the institution's judgment or judgment reasonably exercised by the board, will exceed what the institution can adequately administer.
(3) The convening of an advisory committee. The board staff will convene its advisory committee annually in accordance with WAC 250-40-070(4) to review program policies and procedures.
(4) Reallotments. If it is determined that an institution is unable to award all of the funds allotted it, the board will reduce its allotment accordingly and will redistribute unutilized funds to other eligible institutions. Reallotments however, shall not increase or decrease an institution's conditional guarantee.
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