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PDFWAC 246-976-330

Ambulance and aid services—Record requirements.

(1) Each ambulance and aid service must maintain a record of, and submit to the department, the following information on request:
(a) Current certification levels of all personnel;
(b) Any changes in staff affiliation with the ambulance and aid service to include new employees or employee severance; and
(c) Make, model, and license number of all EMS response vehicles.
(2) The certified EMS provider in charge of patient care must provide the following information to the receiving facility staff:
(a) At the time of arrival at the receiving facility, a minimum of a brief written or electronic patient report including agency name, EMS personnel, and:
(i) Date and time of the medical emergency;
(ii) Time of onset of symptoms;
(iii) Patient vital signs including serial vital signs where applicable;
(iv) Patient assessment findings;
(v) Procedures and therapies provided by EMS personnel;
(vi) Any changes in patient condition while in the care of the EMS personnel;
(vii) Mechanism of injury or type of illness.
(b) Within twenty-four hours of arrival, a complete written or electronic patient care report that includes at a minimum:
(i) Names and certification levels of all personnel providing patient care;
(ii) Date and time of medical emergency;
(iii) Age of patient;
(iv) Applicable components of system response time;
(v) Patient vital signs, including serial vital signs if applicable;
(vi) Patient assessment findings;
(vii) Procedures performed and therapies provided to the patient; this includes the times each procedure or therapy was provided;
(viii) Patient response to procedures and therapies while in the care of the EMS provider;
(ix) Mechanism of injury or type of illness;
(x) Patient destination.
(c) For trauma patients, all other data points identified in WAC 246-976-430 for inclusion in the trauma registry must be submitted within ten days of transporting the patient to the trauma center.
(3) Licensed services must make all patient care records available for inspection and duplication upon request of the county MPD or the department.
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