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PDFWAC 246-976-022

EMS training program requirements, approval, reapproval, discipline.

(1) To apply for initial department approval as an EMS training program, applicants shall meet the requirements in Table A of this section.
Table A
EMS Training Program Requirements For Approval
Organization type
Must be one of the following:
A local EMS and trauma care council or a county office responsible for EMS training for the county. This includes county agencies established by ordinance and approved by the MPD to coordinate and conduct EMS programs;
A regional EMS and trauma care council providing EMS training throughout the region;
An accredited institution of higher education; or
A private educational business, licensed as a private vocational school.
Optional organization
If the organizations listed above do not exist or are unable to provide an EMS training program, the local EMS and trauma care council may recommend to the department another entity that is able to provide training.
In the absence of a local EMS council, the regional EMS and trauma care council may provide such recommendation.
Initial training courses conducted for licensed EMS agencies under the oversight of a department-approved EMS training program.
Need for new training program
Applicant must demonstrate need for new or additional EMS training programs.
Training program application
Complete a DOH EMS training program application on forms provided by the department indicating the levels of EMS training the program wants to conduct.
Class room and laboratory
Provide a description of classroom and laboratory facilities.
Training equipment and supplies
Provide a list of equipment and supplies on hand (or accessible) for use in the training program.
Course enrollment
For each level of EMS training applying for, provide a description of:
Course entry prerequisites;
Selection criteria; and
The process used to screen applicants.
Student handbook
Provide a student handbook for each level of EMS training applied for that provides:
Training program policies, including minimum standards to enter training consistent with this chapter;
Course requirements and minimum standards required for successful completion of examinations, clinical/field internship rotations, and the EMS course;
Initial certification requirements the student must meet to become certified as identified in WAC 246-976-141; and
A listing of clinical and field internship sites available.
(2) Approved training programs shall meet the requirements in Table B of this section.
Table B
EMS Training Program Requirements
An approved training program must:
Conduct courses following department requirements;
If conducting paramedic training courses, be accredited by a national accrediting organization approved by the department;
In conjunction with the course instructor, ensure course applicants meet the course application requirements in WAC 246-976-041;
Maintain clinical and field internship sites to meet course requirements, including the requirement that internship rotations on EMS vehicles must be performed as a third person, not replacing required staff on the vehicle;
For the purposes of program and course evaluation, provide to the department, county MPD, or MPD delegate access to all course related materials;
Conduct examinations over course lessons and other Washington state required topics; and
Participate in EMS and trauma care council educational planning.
Certification examination
Coordinate activities with the department-approved certification examination provider, including:
Registering the training program;
Assisting students in registering with the examination provider;
Providing verification of cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills for students successfully completing the EMS course; and
Assisting students in scheduling the examination.
Student records
Maintain student records for a minimum of four years.
Monitor and evaluate the quality of instruction for the purposes of quality improvement, including course examination scores for each level taught.
Submit an annual report to the department which includes:
Annual, overall certification examination results;
A summary of complaints against the training program and what was done to resolve the issues;
Quality improvement activities including a summary of issues and actions to improve training results.
(3) To apply for reapproval, an EMS training program must meet the requirements in Table C of this section.
Table C
EMS Training Program Reapproval
An EMS training program must be in good standing with the department and:
Have no violations of the statute and rules;
Have no pending disciplinary actions;
Maintain an overall pass rate of seventy-five percent on department-approved state certification examinations;
If conducting paramedic training courses, be accredited by a national accrediting organization approved by the department.
The requirements in Tables A and B of this section; and
Submit an updated EMS training program application to the department at least six months prior to the program expiration date.
(4) Training program approval is effective on the date the department issues the certificate. Approval must be renewed every five years. The expiration date is indicated on the approval letter.
(5) Discipline of EMS training programs.
(a) The secretary may deny, suspend, modify, or revoke the approval of a training program when it finds:
(i) Violations of chapter 246-976 WAC;
(ii) Pending disciplinary actions;
(iii) Falsification of EMS course documents; or
(iv) Failure to update training program information with the department as changes occur.
(b) The training program may request a hearing to contest the secretary's decisions in regard to denial, suspension, modification, or revocation of training program approval in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) (chapter 34.05 RCW) and chapter 246-10 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 18.71, 18.73, and 70.168 RCW. WSR 11-07-078, § 246-976-022, filed 3/22/11, effective 5/15/11.]
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