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PDFWAC 246-922-620


(1) A podiatric physician commits unprofessional conduct if the podiatric physician abuses a patient or key third party. "Podiatric physician," "patient" and "key third party" are defined in WAC 246-922-600. A podiatric physician abuses a patient when he or she:
(a) Makes statements regarding the patient's body, appearance, sexual history, or sexual orientation that have no legitimate medical or therapeutic purpose;
(b) Removes a patient's clothing or gown without consent;
(c) Fails to treat an unconscious or deceased patient's body or property respectfully;
(d) Engages in any conduct, whether verbal or physical, which unreasonably demeans, humiliates, embarrasses, threatens, or harms a patient.
(2) A violation of any provision of this section shall constitute grounds for disciplinary action.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.22.015, 18.130.050 and 18.130.180. WSR 07-12-092, ยง 246-922-620, filed 6/6/07, effective 7/7/07.]
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