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PDFWAC 246-852-020

Initial prescription for corrective lenses.

(1) An initial prescription from a prescriber for corrective lenses shall at a minimum include:
(a) Patient name.
(b) Prescriber's name, address, professional license number, phone number and/or facsimile number.
(c) Spectacle prescription.
(d) Prescription expiration date.
(e) Date of eye exam.
(f) Signature of prescriber.
(2) If, at the time of the initial eye examination, the patient requests contact lenses, the prescriber shall determine the appropriateness of contact lens wear. If the prescriber would have fitted the patient him or herself, and if the patient has no contraindications for contact lenses, the prescriber shall include a notation of "OK for Contacts" or similar language on the prescription. The initial prescription shall also include:
(a) Exclusion of categories of contact lenses, if any.
(b) Notation that the "OK for Contacts" portion of the prescription becomes void if the patient fails to complete the initial fitting and obtain the follow-up evaluation by a prescriber within the six-month time period.
(3) When the follow-up evaluation is completed, the approved contact lens specifications shall become a valid prescription. The patient shall be able to obtain replacement lenses, from this finalized prescription, for the remainder of the prescription period.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.195.050. WSR 07-20-041, § 246-852-020, filed 9/25/07, effective 10/26/07. Statutory Authority: 1994 c 106 § 6. WSR 94-17-101, § 246-852-020, filed 8/17/94, effective 9/17/94.]
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