Chapter 246-847 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-847-020Persons exempt from the definition of an occupational therapy aide.
246-847-040Recognized educational programs—Occupational therapists.
246-847-050Recognized educational programs—Occupational therapy assistants.
246-847-051Military equivalence.
246-847-055Initial application for individuals who have never practiced occupational therapy.
246-847-065Continued competency.
246-847-066Suicide assessment training standards.
246-847-068Expired license.
246-847-070Inactive credential.
246-847-090Proof of actual practice.
246-847-110Persons exempt from licensure pursuant to RCW 18.59.040(5).
246-847-115Limited permits.
246-847-117Temporary permits—Issuance and duration pursuant to RCW 18.130.075.
246-847-120Applicants from unrecognized educational programs.
246-847-125Applicants currently licensed in other states or territories.
246-847-135Standards of supervision.
246-847-140Supervised fieldwork experience—Occupational therapists.
246-847-150Supervised fieldwork experience—Occupational therapy assistants.
246-847-160Unprofessional conduct or gross incompetency.
246-847-170Code of ethics and standards of professional conduct.
246-847-180Mandatory reporting.
246-847-190AIDS education and training.
246-847-210Unprofessional conduct—Sexual misconduct.
246-847-340Philosophy governing voluntary substance abuse monitoring programs.
246-847-350Terms used in WAC 246-847-340 through 246-847-370.
246-847-360Approval of substance abuse monitoring programs.
246-847-370Participation in approved substance abuse monitoring program.
246-847-990Occupational therapy fees and renewal cycle.
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