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Chapter 246-834 WAC

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HTMLPDF246-834-020Secretary accredited midwifery programs.
HTMLPDF246-834-030Eligibility for state licensing examination.
HTMLPDF246-834-050Examination requirements for licensure as a midwife.
HTMLPDF246-834-055Examination failures.
HTMLPDF246-834-060Initial application requirements for licensure as a midwife.
HTMLPDF246-834-062Initial or reinstating application for individuals who have not been in the active practice of midwifery.
HTMLPDF246-834-065Application for examinationForeign trained.
HTMLPDF246-834-066Certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure requirements.
HTMLPDF246-834-067Preceptor for certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure program.
HTMLPDF246-834-068Trainee permit for certified professional midwife (CPM) licensure program.
HTMLPDF246-834-160Student midwife permit.
HTMLPDF246-834-165Application requirements for a licensed midwife seeking a limited prescriptive license extension, a license extension for medical devices, or a license extension for implants.
HTMLPDF246-834-250Legend drugs and devices.
HTMLPDF246-834-255Elements of care for the newborn.
HTMLPDF246-834-345License renewal.
HTMLPDF246-834-355Continuing education.
HTMLPDF246-834-360Quality improvement program.
HTMLPDF246-834-370Data submission.
HTMLPDF246-834-400Expired license.
HTMLPDF246-834-450Inactive license.
HTMLPDF246-834-990Midwifery fees and renewal cycle.
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