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PDFWAC 246-830-550

Standards of practiceLimitations.

(1) It is not consistent with the standard of practice for a massage therapist to touch the following body parts on a client or patient:
(a) Gluteal cleft distal to the coccyx, anus and rectum;
(b) Inside the mouth unless an intraoral endorsement has been issued;
(c) Penis;
(d) Prostate;
(e) Scrotum;
(f) Vagina, to include:
(i) Intravaginal;
(ii) Labia (majors and minors);
(iii) Clitoris;
(iv) Urethra; or
(g) Breasts, unless in accordance with WAC 246-830-555.
(2) A massage therapist must maintain evidence of the completion of at least sixteen specialized in-person contact hours of education and training if they are performing massage in the perineal area in addition to obtaining prior written and verbal informed consent. This written consent may be included within an overall general consent to massage document, if clearly delineated and either specifically initialed or signed.
(3) A massage therapist must not engage in sexual misconduct as described in WAC 246-16-100. Sexual misconduct will constitute grounds for disciplinary action.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.108.025 (1)(a), 18.108.085 (1)(a), 43.70.041 and chapter 18.108 RCW. WSR 17-14-062, § 246-830-550, filed 6/29/17, effective 7/30/17.]
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