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PDFWAC 246-830-440

CurriculumAcademic standardsFacultyStudent clinic.

(1) The curriculum of the massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program must be designed and presented to meet or exceed the required six hundred twenty-five hours completed in no fewer than twenty-four weeks.
(2) Academic standards. The massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program educator and trainer must regularly evaluate the quality of its instruction and have a clearly defined set of standards of competence required of its students. Promotion to each successive phase of the massage program and graduation is dependent on mastery of the knowledge and skills presented in the massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program.
(3) Faculty. The massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program faculty must be qualified by training and experience to give effective instruction in the subject(s) taught. Faculty members who teach hands on courses must have a minimum of three-years experience in the subject matter being taught. The massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program shall develop and evaluate the curriculum instructional methods and facilities; student discipline, welfare, and counseling; assist in the establishment of administrative and educational policies, and scholarly and professional growth. A massage school, massage program, or apprenticeship program shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, age, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender expression, physical handicap, national or ethnic origin, or other basis prohibited by law in the recruitment and hiring of faculty.
(4) Student clinic. Any setting in which a student clinic occurs must be adequate in size, number, and resources to provide for student practice of massage on the general public. A clinic must be properly equipped rooms for consultations, massage therapy or treatment, and equipment as required in the practice of massage. A faculty member who is a massage therapist with at least three-years of experience in massage therapy must provide direct supervision as a clinical supervisor, per WAC 246-830-420 (1)(d), and have final decisions in the massage treatment which is rendered to clients or patients by students. A faculty member in the role of a clinical supervisor must ensure a ratio of no less than one faculty member to no more than six students who are actively performing massage.
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