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PDFWAC 246-827-0110

Delegation and supervision.

(1) The medical assistant functions in a dependent role when providing direct patient care under the delegation and supervision of a health care practitioner.
(2) "Delegation" means direct authorization granted by a health care practitioner to a medical assistant to perform the functions authorized in RCW 18.360.050 which fall within the scope of practice of the health care practitioner and the training and experience of the medical assistant.
(3) A medical assistant may only accept delegated tasks when:
(a) The health care practitioner follows the requirements of RCW 18.360.060;
(b) The task can be performed without requiring the exercise of judgment based on clinical knowledge;
(c) The results of the task are reasonably predictable;
(d) The task can be performed without a need for complex observations or critical decisions;
(e) The task can be performed without repeated clinical assessments; and
(f) The task, if performed improperly by:
(i) A medical assistant-certified, medical assistant-registered, or a medical assistant-phlebotomist would not present life-threatening consequences or the danger of immediate and serious harm to the patient.
(ii) A medical assistant-hemodialysis technician is not likely to present life-threatening consequences or the danger of immediate and serious harm to the patient.
(4) A medical assistant may not accept delegation of acts that are not within their scope of practice.
(5) A medical assistant is responsible and accountable for their practice based upon and limited to:
(a) Scope of their education or training;
(b) Scope of practice set forth in law and applicable sections of this chapter;
(c) Demonstration of competency to the delegating health care practitioner;
(d) Written documentation of competency as required by this rule and the health care employer's policies and procedures. The documentation will be maintained by the health care employer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.360.030, 18.360.040, and 18.360.070. WSR 23-16-004, § 246-827-0110, filed 7/19/23, effective 8/19/23. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.360 RCW, RCW 43.70.280, and 2012 c 153. WSR 13-12-045, § 246-827-0110, filed 5/31/13, effective 7/1/13.]
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