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PDFWAC 246-817-110

Dental licensureInitial eligibility and application requirements.

To be eligible for Washington state dental licensure, the applicant must provide:
(1) A completed application and fee. The applicant must submit a signed application and required fee as defined in WAC 246-817-990;
(2) Proof of graduation from a dental school approved by the DQAC:
(a) DQAC recognizes only those applicants who are students or graduates of dental schools in the United States or Canada, approved, conditionally or provisionally, by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. The applicant must have received, or will receive, a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree from that school;
(b) Other dental schools which apply for DQAC approval and which meet these adopted standards to the DQAC's satisfaction may be approved, but it is the responsibility of a school to apply for approval and of a student to ascertain whether or not a school has been approved;
(3) Proof of successful completion of the Integrated National Board Dental Examination, Parts I and II of the National Board Dental Examination, or the Canadian National Dental Examining Board Examination. An original scorecard or a certified copy of the scorecard shall be accepted. Exception: Dentists who obtained initial licensure in a state prior to that state's requirement for successful completion of the national boards, may be licensed in Washington, provided that the applicant provide proof that their original state of licensure did not require passage of the national boards at the time they were initially licensed. Applicants need to meet all other requirements for licensure;
(4) Proof of graduation from an approved dental school. The only acceptable proof is an official, posted transcript sent directly from such school, or in the case of recent graduates, a verified list of graduating students submitted directly from the dean of the dental school. Graduates of nonaccredited dental schools must also meet the requirements outlined in WAC 246-817-160;
(5) A complete listing of professional education and experience including college or university (predental), and a complete chronology of practice history from the date of dental school graduation to present, whether or not engaged in activities related to dentistry;
(6) Proof of malpractice insurance if available, including dates of coverage and any claims history;
(7) Written certification of any licenses held, submitted directly from another licensing entity, and including license number, issue date, expiration date and whether applicant has been the subject of final or pending disciplinary action;
(8) Proof of successful completion of:
(a) An approved practical/clinical examination under WAC 246-817-120; or
(b) A qualifying residency program under RCW 18.32.040 (3)(c);
(9) Proof of successful completion of an approved written jurisprudence examination;
(10) A recent 2" x 2" photograph, signed, dated, and attached to the application;
(11) Authorization for background inquiries to other sources may be conducted as determined by the DQAC including, but not limited to, the national practitioner data bank and drug enforcement agency. Applicants are responsible for any fees incurred in obtaining verification of requirements;
(12) Any other information for each license type as determined by the DQAC.
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