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PDFWAC 246-812-220

Standards required for approval of schools or programs of denturism.

The following standards are used by the board in considering a denturism program application for approval:
(1) Curriculum. The curriculum must consist of a list of courses offered and the number of course hours or credits. Courses offered must include:
(a) Head and oral anatomy and physiology;
(b) Oral pathology;
(c) Partial denture construction and design;
(d) Microbiology;
(e) Dental laboratory technology;
(f) Clinical jurisprudence;
(g) Asepsis;
(h) Medical emergencies;
(i) Dental implantology; and
(j) Cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
(2) Academic standards. The program must have policies and procedures on:
(a) Minimum standards for measuring student progress;
(b) Admission;
(c) Progression;
(d) Graduation;
(e) Withdrawal;
(f) Dismissal; and
(g) Transfer of credits, both in and out of the program.
(3) Faculty. Faculty members shall be qualified by training and experience to give effective instruction in the subjects taught. The program must have:
(a) A policy on minimum competency standards for instructors;
(b) A statement or policy on faculty members' participation in curriculum development and evaluation; and
(c) Professional resumes for each instructor or trainer.
(4) Clinical and laboratory instruction. The program must have the following policies and forms:
(a) Policies pertaining to clinical and laboratory instruction, including:
(i) Supervision of students; and
(ii) Treatment decision making.
(b) Disclosure statement to provide to clients;
(c) Client intake and screen form; and
(d) Client feedback form.
(5) Facilities. The facilities must effectively accommodate the number of students, faculty, and staff and include appropriate provisions for safety. The program must have:
(a) A floor plan of the facility, including classrooms, clinic, and laboratory;
(b) A list of equipment in each classroom;
(c) A list of the equipment in the clinic;
(d) A list of the equipment in the laboratory; and
(e) A list of contents of the library.
(6) Records. The program shall maintain a system of records for each student beginning with application credentials through the entire period of attendance including:
(a) A transcript;
(b) A completion certificate; and
(c) A policy on release of student records.
(7) Other information about the program as required by the board.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.30.065. WSR 20-04-028, § 246-812-220, filed 1/28/20, effective 2/28/20. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.30 RCW and 2013 c 171. WSR 14-24-033, § 246-812-220, filed 11/24/14, effective 12/25/14.]
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