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PDFWAC 246-808-565

Radiographic standards.

The following requirements for chiropractic X-ray have been established because of concerns about over radiation and unnecessary X-ray exposure.
(1) The following shall appear on the films:
(a) Patient's name and age;
(b) Doctor's name, facility name, and address;
(c) Date of study;
(d) Left or right marker;
(e) Other markers as indicated;
(f) Adequate collimation;
(g) Gonad shielding, where applicable.
(2) Minimum of A/P and lateral views are necessary for any regional study unless clinically justified.
(3) As clinical evidence indicates, it may be advisable to produce multiple projections where there is an indication of possible fracture, significant pathology, congenital defects, or when an individual study is insufficient to make a comprehensive diagnosis/analysis.
(4) Each film shall be of adequate density, contrast, and definition, and no artifacts shall be present.
(5) The subjective complaints, if any, and the objective findings substantiating the repeat radiographic study must be documented in the patient record.
(6) These rules are intended to complement and not supersede those rules adopted by the radiation control agency set forth in chapter 246-225 WAC, Radiation protection—X-rays in the healing arts.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.25 RCW. WSR 96-16-074, § 246-808-565, filed 8/6/96, effective 9/6/96.]
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