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PDFWAC 246-760-070

Vision screening.

(1) A school shall conduct all vision screening using tools and procedures that are linguistically, developmentally and age-appropriate. For distance vision and near vision acuity screening schools shall use screening tools identified in WAC 246-760-071.
(2) A school shall conduct vision screening according to the tool's instructions and screening protocol and consistent with AAPOS and National Association of School Nurses guidance.
(3) A school is not required to screen a student who has already had a comprehensive vision examination by a licensed vision care professional within the previous twelve months. In order to waive the screening, schools need to have a report or form signed by a licensed vision care professional indicating that an examination has been administered. A school must place this report or form in the student's health record.
(4) A school is not required to screen a student who the school district has reported as having a visual impairment as required under RCW 72.40.060.
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