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PDFWAC 246-71-020

Adding qualifying patients and designated providers to the database.

A qualifying patient or designated provider may take their authorization to an endorsed outlet to be entered into the database.
(1) Only a consultant employed by an endorsed outlet is allowed to enter a qualifying patient's or designated provider's information into the database.
(2) Consultants must register with the department to receive credentials to access the database. The process for registration will be established by the department.
(3) The department shall verify the consultant's identity and certificate status before providing credentials to access the database.
(4) The consultant shall access the database using the credentials issued by the department or the department's designee. If the credentials are lost or missing, or the security of the credentials is compromised, the consultant shall notify the department by telephone and in writing within one business day.
(5) The consultant shall ensure that the authorization form provided is valid, complete, unaltered, and meets all requirements specified in RCW 69.51A.030 and complies with the instructions on the form. "Street address" on the authorization form means the physical address for the person's residence where plants may be grown under RCW 69.51A.210. If any requirement is not met, or the form is altered or incomplete, the person cannot be entered into the database.
(6) The consultant shall verify the identity of every patient age 18 and older and every designated provider by inspecting the patient's or designated provider's valid photographic identification. Except for patients under the age of 18, or qualifying patients renewing under a compassionate care renewal as authorized in RCW 69.51A.030, a person cannot be entered into the database without valid photographic identification.
(7) In the event of an inexact match of names on the identification and the authorization, the consultant shall ensure that the patient or designated provider named on the authorization form is the same person presenting the authorization for entry into the database.
(8) The consultant shall check the database to ensure that a designated provider is not currently associated with a different patient in the database before associating the designated provider with a new patient in the database. If a designated provider is still associated with a different patient, the consultant cannot enter the designated provider into the database as associated with the new patient.
(9) The consultant shall enter the following information into the database for each patient and designated provider (unless specified below):
(a) The type of valid photographic identification verified and the unique number from the identification;
(b) Full legal name, as it appears on the valid photographic identification, including first name, middle initial, last name, and generational suffixes, if any;
(c) Date of birth;
(d) Actual physical address if different from the address on the identification;
(e) Name of the authorizing health care practitioner;
(f) Authorizing health care practitioner's full license number;
(g) Business address of the authorizing health care practitioner;
(h) Telephone number of the authorizing health care practitioner, as listed on the authorization form;
(i) The patient's qualifying condition(s);
(j) For the designated provider only, the patient the designated provider is authorized to assist;
(k) The date the authorization was issued;
(l) The date the authorization expires; and
(m) The number of plants the patient is allowed to grow. If the authorizing health care practitioner does not indicate a specific number, the presumptive number is six plants. The health care practitioner cannot authorize more than 15 plants. An authorization for more than 15 plants is invalid.
(10) All requests for, uses of, and disclosures of information from the database by authorized persons must be consistent with chapter 69.51A RCW and this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.51A.290 and 69.51A.230. WSR 23-05-052, § 246-71-020, filed 2/10/23, effective 3/13/23. Statutory Authority: 2019 c 203 and RCW 43.70.040. WSR 19-22-047, § 246-71-020, filed 11/1/19, effective 11/1/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 69.51A.230. WSR 18-07-030, § 246-71-020, filed 3/12/18, effective 4/12/18; WSR 16-11-086, § 246-71-020, filed 5/17/16, effective 6/17/16.]
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