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(Effective August 1, 2021)

PDFWAC 246-366A-050

Preoccupancy inspection of construction projects.

(1) School officials shall:
(a) Obtain a preoccupancy inspection by the local health officer of construction projects subject to WAC 246-366A-040(1), conducted in coordination with a final inspection by the local building official, in order to ensure imminent health hazards are corrected before allowing school facilities to be occupied; and
(b) Notify the local health officer at least five business days before a desired preoccupancy inspection.
(2) The local health officer:
(a) Shall coordinate all construction-related inspections with the on-site project manager or other appropriate person identified by school officials.
(b) May inspect for compliance with these rules during the construction phase.
(c) Shall conduct a preoccupancy inspection for construction projects subject to WAC 246-366A-040(1) to verify compliance with these rules before the building is occupied and not more than five business days after the date requested by school officials or as otherwise agreed to by the school officials and the local health officer.
(i) If an imminent health hazard is identified, a solution must be identified and agreed to by school officials, the local health officer, and the local building official and implemented by school officials before the affected portion of the building is occupied.
(ii) If other conditions of noncompliance with these rules are identified, school officials shall be provided with a written list of items and consulted in developing a correction schedule, based on the level of risk to health and safety.
(d) May reinspect to confirm satisfactory correction of the items identified under (c) of this subsection.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 10-01-174, 10-12-018, 11-10-080, 13-09-040, 15-09-070, 17-14-055, 19-14-107, ยง 246-366A-050, filed 12/22/09, 5/21/10, 5/3/11, 4/11/13, 4/15/15, 6/28/17, and 7/2/19, effective 8/1/21.]
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