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(Effective August 1, 2024)

PDFWAC 246-366A-005


(1) To the extent implemented in accordance with legislative action, this chapter, or such portions thereof funded or approved as part of a phase-in or partial implementation, shall apply to all school facilities operated for the primary purpose of providing education at the kindergarten through twelfth grade (K-12) levels, and preschools that are part of such facilities except:
(a) Private residences used for home-based instruction as defined by RCW 28A.225.010(4);
(b) Facilities hosting educational programs where educational instruction is not a primary purpose, including, but not limited to, detention centers, jails, hospitals, mental health units, or long-term care facilities;
(c) Private facilities where tutoring is the primary purpose; and
(d) Public or private postsecondary education facilities providing instruction to students primarily enrolled in secondary school.
(2) These rules are in addition to all other requirements that apply to schools and, except as specified, do not affect the applicability of those requirements.
(3) Additional environmental health and safety rules that apply to school facilities include, but are not limited to:
(a) Chapter 246-215 WAC Food services;
(b) Chapter 246-217 WAC Food worker cards;
(c) Chapter 246-260 WAC Water recreation facilities;
(d) Chapter 246-262 WAC Recreational water contact facilities;
(e) Chapter 246-272A WAC On-site sewage systems;
(f) Chapter 246-272B WAC Large on-site sewage system regulations;
(g) Chapter 246-290 WAC Public water supplies; and
(h) Chapter 246-291 WAC Group B public water systems.
(4) This chapter, or portions thereof, are intended to replace or supersede chapter 246-366 WAC, or corresponding portions thereof as identified by the state board of health, once the legislature has provided funding for implementation by public schools or taken other action to authorize implementation.
(5) These rules are not intended to replace or supersede the department of labor and industries' authority and jurisdiction over employee safety and health.
(6) These rules are not intended to replace requirements of the building code council under Title 51 WAC, but may be more stringent to protect health and safety.
(7) For a school undergoing an alteration or addition, WAC 246-366A-040, 246-366A-060, 246-366A-090, 246-366A-100, 246-366A-110, 246-366A-120, 246-366A-150, and 246-366A-160 apply only to:
(a) Areas that are part of the addition;
(b) Areas undergoing alteration; and
(c) Changes to existing building systems, such as heating and ventilation systems, when those changes are included in construction documents or a building permit application describing the alteration or addition.
(8) If the local permitting jurisdiction received a complete building permit application for school construction prior to the effective date of any construction-related requirements of this chapter, the construction-related requirements of chapter 246-366 WAC and this chapter in effect at the time of application apply.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 10-01-174, 10-12-018, 11-10-080, 13-09-040, 15-09-070, 17-14-055, 19-14-107, 21-14-056, 22-14-021, and 23-16-005, ยง 246-366A-005, filed 12/22/09, 5/21/10, 5/3/11, 4/11/13, 4/15/15, 6/28/17, 7/2/19, 7/1/21, 6/24/22, and 7/19/23, effective 8/1/24.]
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