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PDFWAC 246-366-010


The following definitions shall apply in the interpretation and the enforcement of these rules and regulations:
(1) "School" - Shall mean any publicly financed or private or parochial school or facility used for the purpose of school instruction, from the kindergarten through twelfth grade. This definition does not include a private residence in which parents teach their own natural or legally adopted children.
(2) "Board of education" - An appointive or elective board whose primary responsibility is to operate public or private or parochial schools or to contract for school services.
(3) "Instructional areas" - Space intended or used for instructional purposes.
(4) "New construction" - Shall include the following:
(a) New school building.
(b) Additions to existing schools.
(c) Renovation, other than minor repair, of existing schools.
(d) Schools established in all or part of any existing structures, previously designed or utilized for other purposes.
(e) Installation or alteration of any equipment or systems, subject to these regulations, in schools.
(f) Portables constructed after the effective date of these regulations.
(5) "Occupied zone" - Is that volume of space from the floor to 6 feet above the floor when determining temperature and air movement, exclusive of the 3 foot perimeter on the outside wall.
(6) "Site" - Shall include the areas used for buildings, playgrounds and other school functions.
(7) "Portables" - Any structure that is transported to a school site where it is placed or assembled for use as part of a school facility.
(8) "Health officer" - Legally qualified physician who has been appointed as the health officer for the city, town, county or district public health department as defined in RCW 70.05.010(2), or his authorized representative.
(9) "Secretary" - Means secretary of the Washington state department of health or the secretary's designee.
(10) "Department" - Means Washington state department of health.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 92-02-019 (Order 225B), § 246-366-010, filed 12/23/91, effective 1/23/92; WSR 91-02-051 (Order 124B), recodified as § 246-366-010, filed 12/27/90, effective 1/31/91; WSR 82-07-015 (Order 225), § 248-64-220, filed 3/9/82; Order 131, § 248-64-220, filed 8/5/76; Order 55, § 248-64-220, filed 6/8/71.]
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