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PDFWAC 246-360-090

Lodging units.

The licensee must provide lodging units with:
(1) An occupancy level not to exceed the number of persons accommodated by the beds present, based on their intended maximum usage; and
(2) Adequate space to provide a clear path of egress from each bed, including any cot, crib, mat or mattress, to the exit of the sleeping room or unit in case of fire:
(a) An aisle at least thirty-six inches wide from one side of each bed that is part of the regular furnishings of the unit;
(b) An aisle at least eighteen inches wide from one side of each temporary bed, other than an infant's crib, that is no more than thirty-eight inches high, provided that the placement of the temporary bed does not obstruct the egress aisles required for other beds;
(c) An aisle at least twenty-eight inches wide from one side of each temporary infant's crib and each temporary bed above a height of thirty-eight inches, provided that the placement of the temporary bed does not obstruct the egress aisle required for other beds; and
(d) For purposes of this section, a temporary bed is any easily transported bed, cot, crib, mattress, pad or other furnishing intended for sleeping that is provided only at the request of a guest and is removed or stored when the guest departs.
(3) Floors, ceilings, doors, walls, carpet, windowsills, window tracks, electrical switches, locking mechanisms and receptacle plates kept clean, cleanable and in good repair;
(4) Wall and ceiling mounted lighting fixtures firmly secured and in good repair; and
(5) If a phone or other reliable communication device is provided for a lodging unit, it must be capable of allowing immediate communication and connection to police, fire department, paramedic, poison control, hazardous material team or other local emergency responder.
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