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PDFWAC 246-359-990


(1) General fee information.
(a) The plan review fee and permit or inspection fees for:
(i) Wood framed construction and concrete masonry units will be charged based on square footage and the time required to complete the work, according to Table I, Parts A through C;
(ii) The installation of factory assembled structures will be based on Table I, Part D.
(b) Each fee must be received before the department of health will:
(i) Conduct plan review of construction or installation documents;
(ii) Issue a construction permit; or
(iii) Conduct any on-site inspection.
(2) Plan review fee for construction and installation documents. The plan review fee is:
(a) A separate and additional fee from the construction permit fees or inspection fees.
(b) Based on the initial plan review and assumes all documents required by WAC 246-359-070, application process and WAC 246-359-080, required documents for plan review, have been submitted.
(c) An additional plan review fee will be charged as stated in Table I, Part E when:
(i) The documents submitted are incomplete;
(ii) Plans previously reviewed and approved have been changed;
(iii) The department of health has determined, by inspection, that the approved plans were not followed during construction.
(3) Variance requests. Written variance requests must be accompanied by a fee as stated in Table I, Part E.
(4) Construction permit fee, includes required inspections. The construction permit fee:
(a) Is a separate and additional fee from the plan review fee;
(b) Includes the required inspections as stated in WAC 246-359-120 (1) through (4);
(c) Is based on the time required to conduct an inspection and assumes all of the requirements for application and plan review as required by subsection (2) of this section have been met and the plans are approved.
(5) Additional inspections. When the department of health determines additional inspections are necessary to determine compliance with this chapter the additional inspection fee will be charged according to Table I, Part F.
(6) Investigation inspections. If the department of health finds a person has initiated building or work without a permit, a fee will be charged according to Table I, Part F for the time taken to investigate.
(7) Special inspections. When an applicant is building to alternate construction standards and the required inspections in this chapter are not deemed sufficient by the department of health to determine compliance with this chapter, special inspections may be required including the cost of the health inspector. The applicant must pay the full cost of the special inspections. The department of health will notify the applicant what is required and the reasons for requiring a special inspection.
(8) The department of health will provide on-site technical assistance at the applicant's request. A fee will be charged according to Table I, Part G.
Table I, Fee Table
Square footage of project review
Construction plan review fee
Construction permit or inspection fee
Part A.
Up to 1000 square feet
Part B.
For each additional 100 square feet
feet or fraction thereof
$ 15
$ 30
Part C.
Preapproved plans
For each additional 100 square feet
feet or fraction thereof
$ 66
$ 3
$ 30
Part D.
Factory Assembled Structures,
for example, manufactured homes, park trailers, modular buildings
$ 66
$ 3
$ 30
Part E.
Additional plan reviews, conducted after initial approval;
Variance requests
$47 per hour
(two hour minimum)
Part F.
Additional and investigation inspections
$47 per hour
(two hour minimum)
Part G.
On-site technical assistance visits
$47 per hour
(two hour minimum)
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.114A RCW and RCW 43.70.334 through 43.70.340. WSR 15-13-091, § 246-359-990, filed 6/15/15, effective 1/1/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.114A.081. WSR 99-03-065, § 246-359-990, filed 1/18/99, effective 2/18/99.]
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