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PDFWAC 246-359-070

Application and construction documents required for plan review.

(1) To have construction documents reviewed the applicant must submit to the department of health:
(a) A completed and signed application, on a form provided by the department of health, for each structure (individual building);
(b) The required plan review fee, according to WAC 246-359-990;
(c) Two sets of construction documents, on substantial paper, including:
(i) Plans and diagrams drawn to scale;
(ii) Specifications;
(iii) Computations; and
(iv) Other documents needed to determine if the provisions of this chapter and related state rules are being met, for example solid waste disposal management plan or soil testing;
(d) When applicable, manufacturer's installation instructions as required for factory assembled structures, WAC 246-359-710, and manufactured homes, WAC 246-359-720;
(e) Proof of an adequate approved potable water supply to meet the intended use of the TWH and which meets the requirements of chapters 246-290 and 246-291 WAC (water rules) and WAC 296-307-16130;
(f) Copy of the on-site sewage system permit from the jurisdiction having authority;
(g) Proof of a water right permit from the department of ecology, when required;
(h) Proof of current approval from the department of labor and industries, when required, for factory assembled structures; and
(i) Proof the project meets zoning requirements as established for height, setback and road access under the authority having jurisdiction.
(2) The plans and specifications must clearly identify in detail the location, nature and extent of the work proposed.
(3) The department of health will only begin plan review when:
(a) All the documents required in this section are submitted; and
(b) The plan review fee is received.
(4) The department of health can refund up to eighty percent of the plan review fee if the applicant submits a written request to stop the project before the plan review process is complete. Refunds are based on the plan review fee paid as required by Table I in WAC 246-359-990 and the amount of plan review completed as determined by the department.
(5) The department of health will charge an additional plan review fee according to Table I in WAC 246-359-990, when:
(a) Site inspections determine the project has not been built according to the approved construction documents and an additional plan review is required; or
(b) Revised construction documents are submitted after approval of the initial construction documents.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.114A RCW and RCW 43.70.334 through 43.70.340. WSR 15-13-091, § 246-359-070, filed 6/15/15, effective 1/1/16. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.114A.081. WSR 99-03-065, § 246-359-070, filed 1/18/99, effective 2/18/99.]
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