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PDFWAC 246-341-0730

Outpatient servicesConsumer-run recovery supportClubhouses.

(1) A clubhouse is a community-based program that provides rehabilitation services.
(2) The clubhouse may be peer-operated and must:
(a) Be member-run with voluntary participation;
(b) Be recovery-focused;
(c) Focus on strengths, talents, and abilities of its members;
(d) Have a clubhouse director who:
(i) Engages members and staff in all aspects of the clubhouse operations; and
(ii) Is ultimately responsible for the operation of the clubhouse.
(e) Be comprised of structured activities including:
(i) Personal advocacy;
(ii) Help with securing entitlements;
(iii) Information on safe, appropriate, and affordable housing;
(iv) Community resource development;
(v) Connecting members with adult education opportunities in the community;
(vi) An active employment program that assists members to gain and maintain employment in full- or part-time competitive jobs. Employment related activities may include resume building, education on how employment will affect benefits, information on other employment services, and information regarding protections against employment discrimination; and
(vii) An array of social and recreational opportunities.
(f) Use a work-ordered day to allow all members the opportunity to participate in all the work of the clubhouse including:
(i) Administration;
(ii) Research;
(iii) Intake and orientation;
(iv) Outreach;
(v) Training and evaluation of staff;
(vi) Public relations;
(vii) Advocacy; and
(viii) Evaluation of clubhouse effectiveness.
(g) Provide in-house educational programs that significantly utilize the teaching and tutoring skills of members and assist members by helping them to take advantage of adult education opportunities in the community.
(3) "Work-ordered day" means a model used to organize clubhouse activities during the clubhouse's normal working hours.
(a) Members and staff are organized into one or more work units which provide meaningful and engaging work essential to running the clubhouse.
(b) Activities include unit meetings, planning, organizing the work of the day, and performing the work that needs to be accomplished to keep the clubhouse functioning.
(c) Members and staff work side-by-side as colleagues as evidenced by both the member and the staff signature on progress towards goals.
(d) Members participate as they feel ready and according to their individual interests.
(e) Work in the clubhouse is not intended to be job-specific training, and members are neither paid for clubhouse work nor provided artificial rewards.
(f) Work-ordered day does not include medication clinics, day treatment, or other therapy programs.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71.24.037, 71.05.560, 71.34.380, 18.205.160, 71.24.037 and chapters 71.05, 71.24, and 71.34 RCW. WSR 21-12-042, § 246-341-0730, filed 5/25/21, effective 7/1/21. Statutory Authority: 2018 c 201 and 2018 c 291. WSR 19-09-062, § 246-341-0730, filed 4/16/19, effective 5/17/19.]
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