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PDFWAC 246-341-0520

PersonnelAgency requirements for supervision of trainees, interns, volunteers, and students.

Each agency licensed by the department to provide any behavioral health service must ensure the following supervision requirements are met for trainees, interns, volunteers, and students:
(1) Each trainee, intern, volunteer, and student passes a background check;
(2) Each trainee, intern, volunteer, and student who receives training at an agency must be assigned a supervisor who has been approved by the agency administrator or designee. The assigned supervisor:
(a) Must be credentialed by the department for their scope of practice;
(b) Is responsible for all individuals assigned to the trainee or intern they supervise; and
(c) Must review clinical documentation with the trainee or intern as part of the supervision process; and
(3) The agency must obtain and retain a confidentiality statement signed by the trainee, intern, volunteer, and student and the person's academic supervisor, if applicable.
[Statutory Authority: 2018 c 201 and 2018 c 291. WSR 19-09-062, § 246-341-0520, filed 4/16/19, effective 5/17/19.]
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