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PDFWAC 246-337-124

Common room requirements.

The RTF shall include rooms for social, educational, and recreational activities, visitation, dining, toileting and bathing, as described in this section.
(1) Common areas. Provide at least forty square feet per resident for the total combined area which is used for dining, social, educational, recreational activities and group therapies.
(2) Visiting room(s). At least one private area for visitation of residents by guests.
(3) Dining room(s). Dining rooms or areas must be large enough to accommodate all residents at a single sitting or in no more than three shifts. If the space is used for more than one purpose, that space must be designed to accommodate each of the activities without unreasonable interference with one another.
(4) Toilet room(s) and bathroom(s). Toilet rooms and bathrooms must be available to residents including:
(a) A minimum of one toilet and handwashing sink for every eight residents. Urinals may count for up to one-third of the required toilets in a male-only toilet room;
(b) A toilet and handwashing sink in, or immediately accessible to each bathroom;
(c) A minimum of one bathing fixture for every eight residents;
(d) Rooms containing more than one toilet or more than one bathing area must:
(i) Be designated for use by one gender, unless it is a toilet room specifically designated for children under the age of six years; and
(ii) Provide for privacy during toileting, bathing, and dressing through the use of doors or dividers;
(e) Equipping each toilet room and bathroom with:
(i) Water resistant, smooth, easily cleanable, slip-resistant bathtubs, showers, and floor surfaces;
(ii) Washable walls to the height of splash or spray;
(iii) Washable cabinets and counter tops;
(iv) Plumbing fixtures designed for easy cleaning;
(v) Clean, nonabsorbent toilet seats free of cracks;
(vi) Grab bars installed at each toilet and bathing fixture;
(vii) Shatter resistant mirrors when appropriate;
(viii) Adequate lighting for general illumination;
(ix) One or more handwashing sink with soap and single use or disposable towels with a mounted paper towel dispenser, unless a blower or equivalent hand-drying device is provided; and
(x) Toilet tissue with a reachable mounted tissue dispenser by each toilet.
(f) Providing access to bath and toilet rooms by:
(i) Locating a toilet room and bath room on the same floor or level as the sleeping room of the resident; and
(ii) Providing access without passage through any food preparation area or from one bedroom through another bedroom.
(g) If a toilet room or bath room adjoins a bedroom, the bath room is restricted to use by those residents residing in the adjoining bedrooms.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71.12.670. WSR 18-06-092, ยง 246-337-124, filed 3/6/18, effective 4/16/18.]
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