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PDFWAC 246-337-021

On-site surveys, complaint investigations, and enforcement.

(1) To determine compliance with chapter 71.12 RCW and this chapter, the department may:
(a) Conduct unannounced on-site surveys after initial licensure; and
(b) Investigate complaints alleging noncompliance with chapter 71.12 RCW and this chapter.
(2) The licensee shall assist the department during on-site surveys and investigations in a cooperative manner.
(3) Notice of correction.
(a) When the department identifies deficiencies it does not determine to be major, broadly systemic, or of a recurring nature, the department will issue the administrator a notice of correction according to RCW 43.05.100.
(b) The "notice of correction" will include:
(i) A description of the condition that is not in compliance and the text of the specific section or subsection of the applicable law or rule;
(ii) A brief statement of what is required to achieve compliance;
(iii) The date by which the department requires compliance to be achieved;
(iv) Notice of the means to contact any technical assistance services provided by the department or other sources of technical assistance; and
(v) Notice of when, where, and to whom a request to extend the time to achieve compliance for good cause may be filed with the department.
(4) Plan of correction.
(a) At the same time the department issues a notice of correction as identified in subsection (3) of this section, the department will provide instructions on how the administrator will complete and submit a plan of correction.
(b) The "plan of correction" must be approved by the department and include:
(i) A statement that the administrator:
(A) Has or will correct each cited deficiency; and
(B) Will maintain correction of each cited deficiency.
(ii) A place for the administrator to describe the specific action(s) that must be taken to correct each cited deficiency;
(iii) A place for the administrator to indicate the individual responsible for assuring correction of each deficiency; and
(iv) A place for the administrator to indicate the time frame in which to complete the corrections.
(c) Time frames to correct each cited deficiency in the notice of correction must be approved by the department.
(d) Implementation of the corrective action must be completed within the approved time frame and is subject to verification by the department.
(e) The administrator or the administrator's designee shall:
(i) Complete, sign, date, and submit a written plan of correction to the department within ten business days of receiving a notice of correction; and
(ii) Submit to the department updated plans of correction as needed.
(5) Directed plan of correction.
(a) When the department identifies deficiencies it determines to be broadly systemic, recurring, or of a significant threat to public health and safety, it will issue a directed plan of correction.
(b) The directed plan of correction will include:
(i) Direction from the department on the specific corrective action(s) required for the licensee to correct each cited deficiency; and
(ii) The time frames in which the department requires the licensee to complete each cited deficiency.
(c) The department may reduce the time frames in the directed plan of correction to the minimum necessary. Implementation of the directed corrective action(s) must be completed within the approved time frame and is subject to verification by the department.
(6) The department may deny, suspend, modify, or revoke an RTF license under chapters 71.12, 43.70, 34.05 RCW, and 246-10 WAC, if the applicant or licensees have:
(a) Failed to correct any deficiencies within the required time frames as described in subsections (3) through (5) of this section;
(b) Failed to comply with any other provision of chapter 71.12 RCW or this chapter;
(c) Failed to meet certification standards under chapters 71.05, 71.24, and 71.34 RCW;
(d) Been denied a license to operate a health care, child care, group care or personal care facility in this state or elsewhere, had the license suspended or revoked, or been found civilly liable or criminally convicted of operating the facility without a license;
(e) Committed, aided or abetted an illegal act in connection with the operation of any RTF or the provision of health care or residential services;
(f) Abandoned, abused, neglected, assaulted, or demonstrated indifference to the welfare and well-being of a resident;
(g) Failed to take immediate corrective action in any instance of assault, abuse, neglect, or indifference to the welfare of a resident; or
(h) Retaliated against a staff member, resident, or other individual for reporting suspected abuse or other alleged improprieties.
(7) The department may summarily suspend a license pending a proceeding for revocation or other action if the department determines a deficiency is an imminent threat to a resident's health, safety, or welfare.
(8) A licensee may contest a department decision or action according to the provision of RCW 43.70.115, chapter 34.05 RCW, and chapter 246-10 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 71.12.670, 71.12.684 and 2017 c 263. WSR 19-02-036, § 246-337-021, filed 12/24/18, effective 1/1/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 71.12.670. WSR 18-06-092, § 246-337-021, filed 3/6/18, effective 4/16/18.]
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