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PDFWAC 246-329-990


The purpose of the fees section is to describe the fees associated with licensing, renewal and other charges assessed by the department.
(1) Childbirth centers licensed under chapter 18.46 RCW shall submit an annual fee of seven hundred thirteen dollars and zero cents to the department unless a center is a charitable, nonprofit, or government-operated institution under RCW 18.46.030.
(2) A change of ownership fee of one hundred seventy-eight dollars. A new license will be issued and valid for the remainder of the current license period.
(3) The department may charge and collect from a licensee a fee of eight hundred ninety-two dollars for:
(a) A second on-site visit resulting from failure of the licensee to adequately respond to a statement of deficiencies;
(b) A complete on-site survey resulting from a substantiated complaint; or
(c) A follow-up compliance survey.
(4) A licensee shall submit an additional late fee in the amount of twenty-nine dollars per day, not to exceed five hundred ninety-five dollars, from the renewal date (which is thirty days before the current license expiration date) until the date of mailing the fee, as evidenced by the postmark.
(5) Refunds. The department shall refund fees paid by the applicant for initial licensure as follows:
(a) If an application has been received but no on-site survey or technical assistance has been performed by the department, two-thirds of the fees paid, less a fifty dollar processing fee; or
(b) If an application has been received and an on-site survey or technical assistance has been performed by the department, one-third of the fees paid, less a fifty dollar processing fee.
(c) The department may not refund applicant fees if:
(i) The department has performed more than one on-site visit for any purpose;
(ii) One year has elapsed since an initial licensure application is received by the department, but no license is issued because applicant failed to complete requirements for licensure; or
(iii) The amount to be refunded as calculated by (a) or (b) of this subsection is ten dollars or less.
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