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PDFWAC 246-324-250


(1) The applicant or licensee shall comply with chapter 31 of the Washington State Building Code for all construction.
(2) Prior to starting construction, the applicant or licensee shall submit the following documentation to the department:
(a) A completed application form, a copy of which is provided in the Submissions Guide for Health and Residential Facility Construction Projects, which may be obtained from the department;
(b) The fee specified in chapter 246-314 WAC;
(c) A functional program which describes the services and operational methods affecting the hospital building, premises, and patients;
(d) One set of preliminary documents including, when applicable:
(i) Plot plans drawn to scale showing:
(A) Streets, driveways, parking, vehicle and pedestrian circulation;
(B) Site utilities, water service system, sewage disposal system, electrical service system, elevations; and
(C) Location of existing and new buildings and other fixed equipment;
(ii) Building plans drawn to scale showing:
(A) Floor plans designating function of each room and fixed equipment;
(B) Typical building sections and exterior elevations;
(iii) Outline specifications generally describing the construction and materials including mechanical and electrical systems; and
(e) Three sets of final construction drawings, stamped by a Washington state licensed architect or engineer, complying with the requirements of this chapter including, when applicable:
(i) Plot plans drawn to scale showing all items required in the preliminary plan in final form;
(ii) Building plans drawn to scale showing:
(A) Floor plans designating function of each room and fixed equipment;
(B) Interior and exterior elevations;
(C) Building sections and construction details;
(D) Schedules of room finishes, doors, finish hardware and windows;
(E) Mechanical, including plumbing, heating, venting and air conditioning; and
(F) Electrical, including lighting, power and communication systems; and
(iii) Specifications fully describing the workmanship and finishes;
(f) One copy of specifications and the radiant panel test report for each carpet type used in corridors and exitways;
(g) Three copies of fire sprinkler system shop drawings, hydraulic calculations and equipment specifications, stamped by the fire sprinkler contractor; and
(h) Three copies of fire alarm system shop drawings and equipment specifications.
(3) The licensee shall:
(a) Obtain department approval of final construction documents prior to starting construction;
(b) Conform with the approved plans during construction;
(c) Consult with the department prior to deviating from approved documents;
(d) Provide a written construction project completion notice to the department indicating:
(i) The expected completion date; and
(ii) Compliance with the approved construction documents, requirements of chapter 18.20 RCW and this chapter;
(e) Make adequate provisions for the health, safety, and comfort of patients during construction projects;
(f) Obtain authorization from the department prior to occupying or using new construction; and
(g) Obtain approval of the Washington state fire protection services division prior to construction, modification, and alteration consistent with RCW 18.20.130.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 71.12 RCW and RCW 43.60.040. WSR 95-22-013, ยง 246-324-250, filed 10/20/95, effective 11/20/95.]
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