Chapter 246-310 WAC

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WAC Sections

246-310-001Purpose of certificate of need program.
246-310-020Applicability of chapter 246-310 WAC.
246-310-035Tertiary services identification.
246-310-040Exemptions from requirements for a certificate of need for health maintenance organizations.
246-310-041Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for continuing care retirement communities' nursing home projects.
246-310-042Rural hospital and rural health care facility exemptions from certificate of need review.
246-310-043Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for nursing home bed conversions to alternative use.
246-310-044Exemption from requirements for a certificate of need for nursing home bed replacements.
246-310-045Exemption from certificate of need requirements for a change in bed capacity at a residential hospice care center.
246-310-050Applicability determination.
246-310-080Letter of intent.
246-310-090Submission and withdrawal of applications.
246-310-100Amendment of certificate of need applications.
246-310-110Categories of review.
246-310-120Concurrent review process.
246-310-130Nursing home concurrent review cycles.
246-310-132Open heart surgery concurrent review cycle.
246-310-136Ethnic minority nursing home bed pool—Considerations for review of applications.
246-310-140Emergency review process.
246-310-150Expedited review process.
246-310-160Regular review process.
246-310-170Notification of beginning of review.
246-310-180Public hearings.
246-310-190Ex parte contacts.
246-310-200Bases for findings and action on applications.
246-310-210Determination of need.
246-310-220Determination of financial feasibility.
246-310-230Criteria for structure and process of care.
246-310-240Determination of cost containment.
246-310-260Kidney transplantation.
246-310-261Open heart surgery standards and need forecasting method.
246-310-263Pediatric cardiac surgery and interventional treatment center standards and need forecasting method.
246-310-270Ambulatory surgery.
246-310-290Hospice services—Standards and need forecasting method.
246-310-295Hospice care center—Standards.
246-310-360Nursing home bed need method.
246-310-370Nursing home bed need method revision.
246-310-380Nursing home bed need standards.
246-310-390Nursing home bed need adjustments.
246-310-395Nursing home bed banking for alternative use notice requirements.
246-310-396Nursing home bed banking requirements for full facility closure.
246-310-397Nursing home bed replacement notice requirements.
246-310-410Swing bed review standards.
246-310-470Review and action on health maintenance organization projects.
246-310-480Projects proposed for the correction of deficiencies.
246-310-490Written findings and actions on certificate of need applications.
246-310-500Issuance, suspension, denial, revocation, and transfer of a certificate of need.
246-310-560Provision for reconsideration decision.
246-310-570Circumstances for which an amended certificate of need is required.
246-310-580Validity and extensions.
246-310-590Monitoring of approved projects.
246-310-600Withdrawal of a certificate of need.
246-310-610Adjudicative proceeding.
246-310-700Adult elective percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) without on-site cardiac surgery.
246-310-705PCI definitions.
246-310-710Concurrent review.
246-310-715General requirements.
246-310-720Hospital volume standards.
246-310-725Physician volume standards.
246-310-730Staffing requirements.
246-310-735Partnering agreements.
246-310-740Quality assurance.
246-310-745Need forecasting methodology.
246-310-755Ongoing compliance with standards.
246-310-800Kidney disease treatment centers—Definitions.
246-310-803Kidney disease treatment facilities—Data reporting requirements.
246-310-806Kidney disease treatment facilities—Concurrent review cycles.
246-310-809One-time exempt isolation station reconciliation.
246-310-812Kidney disease treatment facilities—Methodology.
246-310-815Kidney disease treatment facilities—Financial feasibility.
246-310-818Special circumstances one- or two-station expansion—Eligibility criteria and application process.
246-310-821Kidney disease treatment facilities—Standards for planning areas without an existing facility.
246-310-824Kidney disease treatment centers—Exceptions.
246-310-827Kidney disease treatment facilities—Superiority criteria.
246-310-830Kidney disease treatment facilities—Relocation of facilities.
246-310-833One-time state border kidney dialysis facility station relocation.
246-310-900Capital expenditure minimum adjustment procedures.
246-310-990Certificate of need review fees.
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