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PDFWAC 246-293-110


(1) "Public water system" - Any system or water supply intended or used for human consumption or other domestic uses including, but not limited to, source, treatment, storage, transmission and distribution facilities where water is furnished to any community, number of individuals or is made available to the public for human consumption or domestic use. This definition shall exclude any water system serving one single family residence, water systems existing prior to September 21, 1977 which are owner operated and serve less than ten single family residences, and water systems serving no more than one industrial plant.
(2) "Purveyor" - Any agency or subdivision of the state or any municipality, firm, company, mutual or cooperative association, institution, partnership, person, or any other entity that owns or operates a public water system for wholesale or retail service (or their authorized agent).
(3) "Municipality" - Any county, city, town, or any other entity having its own incorporated government for local affairs including, but not limited to, metropolitan municipal corporation, public utility district, water district, irrigation district, sewer district, and/or port district.
(4) "Inadequate water quality" - An excess of maximum contaminant levels established by the state board of health (chapter 248-54 WAC).
(5) "Unreliable service" - Low pressure or quantity problems, and/or frequent service interruption inconsistent with state board of health requirements (chapter 248-54 WAC).
(6) "Lack of coordinated planning" - Failure to resolve existing or potential areawide problems related to:
(a) Insufficient control over development of new public water systems.
(b) Adjacent or nearby public water systems constructed according to incompatible design standards.
(c) No future service area agreements, or conflicts in existing or future service areas.
(d) Adjacent public water systems which could benefit from emergency interties or joint-use facilities.
(e) Water system plans which have not been updated in accordance with chapter 248-54 WAC.
(f) Inconsistencies between neighboring water system plans, or failure to consider adopted county or city land use plans or policies.
(7) "Critical water supply service area" - A geographical area designated by the department or county legislative authority characterized by public water system problems related to inadequate water quality, unreliable service, and/or lack of coordinated water system planning. It may be further characterized by a proliferation of small, inadequate public water systems, or by water supply problems which threaten the present or future water quality or reliability of service in such a manner that efficient and orderly development may best be achieved through coordinated planning by public water systems in the area.
(8) "County legislative authority" - The board of county commissioners or that body assigned such duties by a county charter as enacting ordinances, passing resolutions, and appropriating public funds for expenditure.
(9) "Local planning agency" - The division of city or county government responsible for land use planning functions.
(10) "Coordinated water system plan" - A plan for public water systems within a critical water supply service area which identifies the present and future water system concerns and sets forth a means for meeting those concerns in the most efficient manner possible.
(11) "Existing service area" - A specific area within which direct service or retail service connections to customers of a public water system are currently available.
(12) "Future service area" - A specific area for which water service is planned by a public water system, as determined by written agreement between purveyors provided for in WAC 248-56-730.
(13) "Department" - The Washington state department of social and health services.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040. WSR 91-02-049 (Order 121), recodified as § 246-293-110, filed 12/27/90, effective 1/31/91. Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.116 RCW. WSR 78-07-048 (Order 1309), § 248-56-200, filed 6/28/78.]
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