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PDFWAC 246-292-995

Certified operator and public water system certification fees.

(1) Table 8 specifies certified operator fees:
Table 8
Certified Operator Fees
Operator Classification
Application Fee By Examination
Application Fee By Reciprocity
Annual Renewal Fee
Late Fee
(Assessed for failure to submit the fee within the time period specified on the renewal form)
(Regardless of the
number of classifications held
by the operator)
(Regardless of the
number of classifications
held by the operator)
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
Not applicable
(2) A public water system shall pay the fee in Table 9 in combination with the system's annual operating permit fee as required in chapter 246-294 WAC.
(3) A public water system that fails to submit the required annual fees by the deadline specified on the renewal form shall pay the late fee as specified in Table 9.
Table 9
Public Water System Annual Certification Fees
Public Water System Size*
(Number of Service Connections on WFI form)
Public Water System Certification Fee
Late Fee
Less than 601
601 through 6,000
6,001 through 20,000
More than 20,000
Approved SMAs shall pay a fee based on total services in all public water systems owned by the SMA.
(4) An individual applying for a temporary certification shall pay a fee of eighty-seven dollars to the department as required in WAC 246-292-080.
(5) Fees are not refundable or transferable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.119.050 and chapter 70.119 RCW. WSR 14-01-003, § 246-292-995, filed 12/4/13, effective 1/4/14.]
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