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PDFWAC 246-292-033

Duties of a CCS.

(1) A CCS designated by a purveyor as required in WAC 246-292-050(4) shall develop, implement, and maintain a cross-connection control program that meets the requirements in WAC 246-290-490.
(2) A CCS shall perform the following duties:
(a) Assess the degree of hazard posed by the consumer's water system to the public water system, as required in WAC 246-290-490 (4)(a)(i);
(b) Determine the appropriate method of backflow protection to prevent contamination of the public water system by the consumer's water system, as required in WAC 246-290-490 (4)(a)(ii);
(c) Inspect backflow preventer installations to verify that the protection provided is appropriate for the assessed degree of hazard, as required in WAC 246-290-490 (7)(a)(i);
(d) Investigate and respond to backflow incidents known to have contaminated or suspected of contaminating the public water system, as required in WAC 246-290-490 (3)(h);
(e) Develop and maintain the purveyor's cross-connection control records, as required in WAC 246-290-490 (3), (4), and (8);
(f) Complete and sign the purveyor's cross-connection control related reports and make the reports available to the department upon request, as required in WAC 246-290-490(8) including:
(i) The cross-connection control annual summary reports; and
(ii) Backflow incident reports after an incident has occurred that contaminated the public water system;
(g) Take corrective action as required in WAC 246-290-490 (2)(h) when a consumer fails to comply with the purveyor's cross-connection control requirements regarding the installation, inspection, field testing, maintenance, or repair of a backflow preventer that protects the public water system; and
(h) Review inspection and field test reports for backflow preventers that protect the public water system and take follow-up action to resolve incomplete, erroneous, or fraudulent reports as required in WAC 246-290-490 (3)(g).
(3) If the purveyor grants exceptions to mandatory premises isolation as allowed under WAC 246-290-490 (4)(b), the CCS shall:
(a) Determine, on a case-by-case basis, if granting the consumer an exception to mandatory premises isolation is appropriate;
(b) Complete and sign an exception form provided by the department for each exception granted;
(c) Include the completed exception forms in the purveyor's cross-connection control annual summary report; and
(d) Submit the completed and signed exception forms to the department upon request.
(4) As allowed in WAC 246-290-490 (7)(a)(ii), a CCS's duties may include inspecting:
(a) Air gaps to determine if they are approved air gaps, and reporting the results of the inspections as required in WAC 246-292-036(8); and
(b) Backflow prevention assemblies to determine if they are installed correctly and approved by the department.
(5) The CCS duties in this chapter do not relieve a purveyor of the responsibility to comply with the requirements of chapter 246-290 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.119.050 and chapter 70.119 RCW. WSR 14-01-003, ยง 246-292-033, filed 12/4/13, effective 1/4/14.]
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