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PDFWAC 246-291-120

Design report approval.

(1) A purveyor shall receive written department or health officer approval of a design report prior to:
(a) Installing a new Group B system; or
(b) Providing service to more than the current approved number of service connections.
(2) To obtain design report approval for a Group B system, a purveyor shall provide a copy of the following, at a minimum, to the department or health officer:
(a) Documentation that creating a new system or expanding an existing system does not conflict with any applicable coordinated water system plan adopted under chapter 246-293 WAC;
(b) Documentation that creating a new system complies with the SMA requirements under RCW 70A.125.060(2);
(c) Source approval under WAC 246-291-125 or 246-291-135;
(d) Documentation that all requirements under WAC 246-291-140 are met;
(e) A system design that complies with the requirements under WAC 246-291-200 including, but not limited to:
(i) Drawings of each project component, including:
(A) Location;
(B) Orientation;
(C) Size; and
(D) Easements for:
(I) Future access and maintenance of distribution system pipelines located on private property, or franchise agreements necessary for distribution system pipelines located within public right of way; and
(II) Other system components, including access and maintenance of reservoirs, wells, and pumping stations.
(ii) Material specifications for each project component;
(iii) Construction specifications and assembly techniques;
(iv) Testing criteria and procedures; and
(v) A description of disinfection procedures as required under WAC 246-291-220.
(3) The design report shall be prepared, sealed, and signed in accordance with chapter 196-23 WAC by a professional engineer who:
(a) Is licensed in the state of Washington under chapter 18.43 RCW; and
(b) Has specific expertise regarding design, operation, and maintenance of public water systems.
(4) A local health jurisdiction that has accepted primary responsibility in a JPR under WAC 246-291-030 may adopt by rule, an exception to the professional engineer requirement for Group B systems that:
(a) Do not use a variable speed pump;
(b) Do not provide fire flow;
(c) Do not have special hydraulic considerations;
(d) Do not have atmospheric storage in which the bottom elevation of the storage reservoir is below the ground surface; and
(e) Serve fewer than 10 service connections.
(5) A purveyor shall submit a "Construction Completion Report for Public Water System Projects" to the department or health officer on a form approved by the department or health officer within 60 days of construction completion, and before use of any approved Group B system. The form must:
(a) Be signed by a professional engineer, unless the health officer approves the project as meeting the requirements under subsection (4) of this section;
(b) Include a statement that the project is constructed and completed according to the design report requirements under this chapter; and
(c) Include a statement that the installation, testing, and disinfection of the Group B system is completed in accordance with this chapter.
(6) All design changes, except for minor field revisions, must be submitted in writing to, and approved by, the department or health officer.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.70.040 and 2020 c 20. WSR 22-07-025, § 246-291-120, filed 3/9/22, effective 4/9/22. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 and chapter 70.119A RCW. WSR 12-24-070, § 246-291-120, filed 12/4/12, effective 1/1/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 94-14-002, § 246-291-120, filed 6/22/94, effective 7/23/94.]
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