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PDFWAC 246-290-696

Reporting for unfiltered systems.

(1) The purveyor shall report to the department as soon as possible, but no later than twenty-four hours after the purveyor learns of any of the following events:
(a) A waterborne disease outbreak potentially attributable to the water system occurs;
(b) The turbidity of water delivered to the public exceeds 5.0 NTU;
(c) The minimum level of inactivation required by the department is not met;
(d) The residual disinfectant concentration falls below 0.2 mg/L at the entry point to the distribution system. The purveyor shall also report whether the residual was restored to 0.2 mg/L or more within four hours; or
(e) The surface or GWI source is taken off-line due to an emergency.
(2) The purveyor shall report results of monitoring conducted in accordance with WAC 246-290-694 to the department. Monthly report forms shall be submitted within ten days after the end of each month the system served water to the public.
(3) The purveyor shall report, at a minimum, all the information requested by the department using a department-approved form or format including:
(a) Water quality information, including the results of both:
(i) Source coliform monitoring; and
(ii) Source turbidity monitoring.
(b) Disinfection monitoring information, including:
(i) Level of inactivation achieved;
(ii) Residual disinfectant concentrations entering the distribution system; and
(iii) Residual disinfectant concentrations within the distribution system.
(c) A summary of water quality complaints received from consumers served by the water system.
(4) The purveyor of a system that purchases completely treated water shall:
(a) Report results of distribution system residual disinfectant concentration monitoring to the department using department-approved forms or format; and
(b) Submit forms to the department in accordance with subsection (2) of this section or as otherwise directed by the department.
(5) A person certified under chapter 246-292 WAC shall complete and sign the monthly report forms required in this section.
(6) Beginning in 1992, by October 10th of each year, the purveyor shall submit to the department an annual comprehensive report that summarizes the:
(a) Effectiveness of the watershed control program and identifies, at a minimum, the following:
(i) Activities in the watershed that are adversely affecting source water quality;
(ii) Changes in the watershed that have occurred within the previous year that could adversely affect source water quality;
(iii) Activities expected to occur in the watershed in the future and how the activities will be monitored and controlled;
(iv) The monitoring program the purveyor uses to assess the adequacy of watershed protection including an evaluation of sampling results; and
(v) Special concerns about the watershed and how the concerns are being addressed;
(b) System's compliance with the criteria to remain unfiltered under WAC 246-290-690, or, when applicable, the criteria required if the system provides a limited alternative to filtration under WAC 246-290-691; and
(c) Significant changes in system design and/or operation that have occurred within the previous year that impact the ability of the system to comply with the criteria to remain unfiltered, or, if applicable, the ability of the system to provide a limited alternative to filtration in accordance with WAC 246-290-692.
(7) The purveyor of a system attempting to remain unfiltered or to remain with a limited alternative to filtration shall submit a Filtration Decision Report at the request of the department. The report shall:
(a) Provide the information by which the department may determine whether a system continues to meet the criteria to remain unfiltered or, if applicable, the criteria allowing the provision of a limited alternative to filtration; and
(b) Be submitted on a schedule as specified by the department.
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