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PDFWAC 246-290-250

Treatment design.

(1) Treatment systems or devices shall be piloted and designed to ensure finished water quality conforms to water quality standards established in WAC 246-290-310.
(2) Treatment systems or devices for surface water or GWI sources shall be designed in accordance with the provisions of Part 6 of this chapter and the applicable provisions herein.
(3) Predesign studies, including pilot studies as appropriate, shall be required for proposed surface water and GWI sources and those groundwater sources requiring treatment. The goal of the predesign study shall be to establish the most effective method, considering economics, to produce satisfactory finished water quality meeting the requirements of this chapter and complying with the treatment technique requirements in Part 6 of chapter 246-290 WAC. The predesign study shall be included as part of the project report under WAC 246-290-110. Refer to WAC 246-290-676 for requirements relating specifically to the filtration facility pilot study. The purveyor shall not establish nor maintain a bypass to divert water around any feature of a treatment process, except by written permission of the department.
(4) All well and spring sources not determined to be GWI's shall have continuous disinfection that meets the requirements of WAC 246-290-451. The department may modify the requirement for disinfection for public water systems that demonstrate the well or spring sources (not confirmed as GWI's) have satisfactory bacteriological histories at the source and have SCAs in accordance with WAC 246-290-135.
(5) Purveyors shall use appropriate treatment technologies, such as those outlined in department guidance on water treatment, and shall address water treatment facilities in their water system plans pursuant to WAC 246-290-100.
(6) Project reports for the design of treatment facilities shall meet the requirements of WAC 246-290-110.
(7) Construction specifications for treatment facilities shall meet the requirements of WAC 246-290-120.
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