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PDFWAC 246-274-425

Installation permit requirements—Tier 2 and Tier 3 greywater irrigation systems.

(1) Before beginning the construction of a Tier 2 or Tier 3 greywater irrigation system, a person proposing the installation of the system shall provide information to, and obtain a permit to install from, the local health officer. The information provided must include:
(a) The following general information:
(i) Name and address of the property owner;
(ii) Parcel number and if available, the site address;
(iii) Identification of the approved public sewer system or on-site sewage system serving the property;
(iv) Size of the parcel;
(v) Name, signature, and stamp, if applicable, of the person responsible for designing the system;
(vi) Date of application;
(vii) Name and signature of the owner or the owner's authorized agent; and
(viii) Certification by the owner or owner's authorized agent that the greywater will not contain anything prohibited under WAC 246-274-011.
(b) The soil and site evaluation specified under WAC 246-274-420;
(c) A dimensioned site plan of the proposed irrigation field, including:
(i) General topography and slope;
(ii) The location of existing and proposed encumbrances affecting system placement, including legal access documents, if any component of the system is not on the lot where the greywater is generated.
(d) A description of how the design of the system meets the requirements of WAC 246-274-410 and 246-274-415, including location, type, and size of the irrigation system components;
(e) Flow rate in gallons per minute, application rates in inches per hour, and design operating pressure per square inch for each zone;
(f) Source of greywater (fixtures) and the location of the diversion valve; and
(g) Any additional information required by the local health officer.
(2) Local health jurisdiction review.
(a) The local health officer shall:
(i) Issue a permit when the information submitted under subsection (1) of this section meets the requirements contained in this chapter and in applicable local rules; and
(ii) Specify the permit expiration date on the permit.
(b) The local health officer may deny, modify, suspend, or revoke a permit for just cause. Examples include, but are not limited to:
(i) Construction or continued use of a greywater irrigation system that threatens public health or water quality;
(ii) Misrepresentation or concealment of material fact in information submitted to the local health officer; or
(iii) Failure to meet conditions of the permit, this chapter, or any applicable local rules.
(c) The local health officer may stipulate additional requirements for a particular permit if necessary for public health or water quality protection.
(d) The local health officer may reduce permitting requirements, or require registration instead of permitting, when a qualified professional designs a Tier 2 system for a single-family residence and the system reuses no more than three hundred gallons per day of greywater.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 90.46.015. WSR 11-02-011, § 246-274-425, filed 12/28/10, effective 7/31/11.]
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