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PDFWAC 246-272C-0200

Design drawing requirements for sewage tanks.

(1) The design engineer shall submit calculations to the department that demonstrate the tank withstands all structural, hydraulic, hydrostatic, earth, and any anticipated traffic loads, including, but not limited to, those loads specified in WAC 246-272C-0210. The drawings must specify and show in an obvious place the tank design load limits, including the maximum traffic loading and earth loading.
(2) Drawings of the sewage tank must be complete and show all dimensions, capacities, reinforcement, structural calculations, and other data requested by the department. The drawings must be drawn to scale and show:
(a) A side section view of the tank with details on inlets, outlets, and any intercompartmental devices;
(b) Material specifications;
(c) A plan and side section view of the tank showing the dimensions, including thickness of various portions of the tank;
(d) Reinforcement details;
(e) The size and location of all inspection and maintenance access, and inlet and outlet openings in the tank;
(f) The number of compartments;
(g) The liquid capacity of each compartment in the tank; and
(h) The excavation, backfill, compaction, depth of bury, bedding and installation requirements.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050 (2) and (3). WSR 09-23-119, ยง 246-272C-0200, filed 11/18/09, effective 12/19/09.]
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