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PDFWAC 246-272B-04300

Monitoring and reporting plan.

At a minimum, the monitoring and reporting plan must include:
(1) Constituents of the sewage or effluent that must be tested to assure that treatment components are meeting treatment level requirements, and to monitor groundwater or surface water:
(a) As required by the department; and
(b) For process control.
(2) Values or ranges of values that must be met for the constituents listed in subsection (1) of this section;
(3) Sampling frequency, including time and day samples will be taken. Samples must be taken when maximum concentrations of contaminants are expected;
(4) Procedures for decontaminating sampling equipment and sample ports;
(5) Field test methods;
(6) Sampling methods;
(7) Well purging methods, if applicable;
(8) Handling and labeling of containers;
(9) Holding times;
(10) Quality assurance and quality control procedures;
(11) Transport of samples;
(12) List of equipment that will be used for sampling and field testing;
(13) Test method for each constituent;
(14) Monitoring that will be performed by a proprietary treatment manufacturer or their agent as described in WAC 246-272B-04100 (1)(g)(v);
(15) Map or schematics showing any monitoring wells and all sample points;
(16) Plans and construction specifications for monitoring wells, monitoring points, and piezometers;
(17) Response plan for abnormal or elevated sampling results which may include additional sampling, notification to the department, treatment, or other appropriate action;
(18) Any report forms;
(19) Procedures for submitting required monitoring results to the department; and
(20) Procedures and schedules for recordkeeping.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.118B.020. WSR 11-12-035, ยง 246-272B-04300, filed 5/25/11, effective 7/1/11.]
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