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PDFWAC 246-272A-0135

Transition from the list of approved systems and products to the registered list—Bacteriological reduction.

This section on how bacteriological reduction products on the list of approved systems and products can become registered.
(1) The department's list of approved systems and products shall:
(a) Become static on September 15, 2005. Subsequent changes, additions or deletions to the list of approved systems and products will only be made if approved by the department based on completed applications received prior to September 15, 2005.
(b) Remain in effect until March 15, 2007.
(2) Systems on the department's list of approved systems and products meeting the BOD5 (or CBOD5) and TSS requirements for treatment standards 1 and 2 may continue to be combined with disinfection equipment and methods specified by the on-site sewage system designer to meet or exceed the fecal coliform reduction performance required by treatment standards 1 and 2, until March 15, 2007.
(3) After March 15, 2007, the local health officer may permit only those treatment products registered as meeting bacteriological reduction portions of treatment level A, B, or C under the requirements of this chapter.
(4) Products that have been tested for bacteriological reduction and have met all the requirements of WAC 246-272A-0130, except the bacteriological influent and/or sampling frequency requirements, may be registered under this chapter to allow continued use of the product after March 15, 2007. In order to register their product, the manufacturer shall:
(a) Assure their product is on the department's list of approved systems and products that have been approved as meeting a bacteriological reduction standard on September 15, 2005, or subsequently added to the list as provided in subsection (1)(a) of this section;
(b) Apply for product registration before March 15, 2007; and
(c) Have their product tested for two additional months of testing using the testing protocol specified in WAC 246-272A-0130(2) to verify the bacteriological reduction performance.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.20.050. WSR 05-15-119, § 246-272A-0135, filed 7/18/05, effective 9/15/05.]
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