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PDFWAC 246-246-010

Definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms.

The definitions, abbreviations, and acronyms in this section and WAC 246-220-010 apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly indicates otherwise.
(1) "Critical group" means the group of individuals reasonably expected to receive the greatest exposure to residual radioactivity for any applicable set of circumstances.
(2) "Decommission" means to remove a facility or site safely from service and reduce residual radioactivity to a level that permits:
(a) Release of the property for unrestricted use and termination of the license; or
(b) Release of the property under restricted conditions and termination of the license.
(3) "Distinguishable from background" means that the detectable concentration of a radionuclide is statistically different from the background concentration of that radionuclide in the vicinity of the site or, in the case of structures, in similar materials using adequate measurement technology, survey, and statistical techniques.
(4) "Residual radioactivity" means radioactivity in structures, materials, soils, groundwater, and other media at a site resulting from activities under the licensee's control. This includes radioactivity from all licensed and unlicensed sources used by the licensee, but excludes background radiation. It also includes radioactive materials remaining at the site as a result of routine or accidental releases of radioactive material at the site and previous burials at the site, even if those burials were made in accordance with the provisions of chapter 246-221 WAC.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.98.050. WSR 15-06-015, § 246-246-010, filed 2/23/15, effective 3/26/15; WSR 00-07-085, § 246-246-010, filed 3/15/00, effective 4/15/00.]
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