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PDFWAC 246-235-110

Special requirements for issuance of specific licenses for source material milling.

In addition to the requirements set forth in WAC 246-235-020, the department will issue a specific license for source material milling when the applicant submits a satisfactory application and meets the other conditions specified below:
(1) An application for a license to receive title to, receive, possess, and use source material for milling or byproduct material as defined in WAC 246-220-010 must address the following:
(a) Description of the proposed project or action.
(b) Area/site characteristics including geology, demography, topography, hydrology and meteorology.
(c) Radiological and nonradiological impacts of the proposed project or action, including waterway and groundwater impacts.
(d) Environmental effects of accidents.
(e) Tailings disposal and decommissioning.
(f) Site and project alternatives.
(g) Description of how the provisions of chapter 246-252 WAC must be met.
(2) Under WAC 246-235-086, the applicant shall not commence construction of the project until the department has weighed the environmental, economic, technical, and other benefits against the environmental costs and has concluded that the issuance of the license is appropriate.
(3) Prior to issuance of a license, the department shall hold a public hearing. The hearing will address the adequacy of the reclamation, disposal, decommissioning, and decontamination plans.
(4) At least one full year prior to any major site construction, a preoperational monitoring program must be conducted to provide complete baseline data on a milling site and its environs. Throughout the construction and operating phases of the mill, an operational monitoring program must be conducted to measure or evaluate compliance with applicable standards and regulations; to evaluate performance of control systems and procedures; to evaluate environmental impacts of operation; and to detect potential long-term effects.
(5) Prior to issuance of the license, the mill operator shall establish financial surety arrangements consistent with WAC 246-252-030.
(6) The applicant shall provide procedures describing the means employed to meet the following requirements during the operational phase of any project.
(a) Milling operations must be conducted so that all effluent releases are reduced to as low as reasonably achievable below the limits of chapter 246-221 WAC.
(b) The mill operator shall conduct at least a daily inspection of any tailings or waste retention systems. Records of these inspections must be maintained for review by the department.
(c) The mill operator shall immediately notify the department of:
(i) Any failure in a tailings or waste retention system which results in a release of tailings or waste into unrestricted areas; and
(ii) Any unusual conditions (conditions not contemplated in the design of the retention system) which if not corrected could lead to failure of the system and result in a release of tailings or waste into unrestricted areas.
(7) An application for a license to own, receive, possess and use by-product material as defined in WAC 246-220-010 must contain proposed specifications relating to the emissions control and disposition of the by-product material to achieve the requirements and objectives set forth in the criteria listed in WAC 246-252-030.
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